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Bugatti Chiron Unveiled

Known for it’s speed, French car manufacturer Bugatti has introduced a new flying machine on wheels, The Bugatti Chiron. Chiron will replace so much popular and successful Bugatti Veyron which is closed for production now.

“We have made the best even better” Bugatti says. And the number says the same too. The newly developed V16 engine gives 25% more performance than the Veyron. Turbocharged 8-litre engine produces massive power of 1500 bps which gives it maximum torque of 1600 Nm from as low as 2000 rpm which is maintained all the way upto 6000 rpm. Such high amount of torque at low engine speed helps Chiron to reach 0 to 100kmph in 2.5 s, 0 to 200kmph in 6.5s and 0 to 300kmph in 13.5 seconds with top speed of 420 kmph.


Talking about look, face of Chiron looks like Veyron while the eyes reminds of the Bugatti’s gran turismo concept. Big curve at sides make it look sporty and aerodynamic. Inside, Chiron continues with comfort and safety features of Bugatti.

Chiron is priced at $2.6million (About  17.42 crore) and will be limited to 500 units only.

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