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Tesla Model X autopilot predicts an accident seconds before it happens [Video]

So many questions were raised against Tesla’s autopilot technology earlier this year after it crashed a car failing to spot difference between a white truck and the colour of sky. But Tesla is continuously working on it to make it better, safer and more accurate. In September, Tesla released Autopilot 8.0 which relies on the radar system instead of the cameras like before and the result is here.

The main plus point of the radar based system is that the autopilot can keep track of the car going ahead of the car in front of the Tesla and this dashcam video below shows how brilliantly it works in the real life situation. The video was caught on the dashcam of a Tesla Model X on a highway in the Netherlands.

In the video, it can be heard that Tesla’s Autopilot started the forward collision warning about two seconds before the car in front crashed into the black SUV going ahead of it. It clearly indicates that the autopilot wasn’t only keeping eye on the car going in front of Tesla but also on the black SUV which the driver may not see with his eyes. In fact, the driver has also confirmed that the autopilot started applying the brakes even before he did.

Check out the video:

Thankfully, the people in both the crashed cars were found okay after the accident.

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